Public Space Scheduling

General Guidelines

You are able to reserve atria in the hospital or Durham Research Center, as well as green spaces throughout campus. However, use of the public spaces must be approved by the appropriate facility's scheduling contact before they can be scheduled through Centralized Room Scheduling.

TIP: If you want to schedule something over lunch, you may want to consider another location besides public spaces. Since the commons area hosts lunchtime vendors and is one of the few "legal" places for occupants to eat lunch, requests for this time will normally be denied.

Remember, not all public spaces are booked through us. For example, if you want to reserve an area in the Michael Sorrell Center, you need to contact them. 

The use of public spaces must be in compliance with the public space policy. In addition, some of the listed public space may have additional criteria, which will be provided by the facility's scheduling contact. Also be sure to review the Complete Room Scheduling Guidelines.

If your event involves moving furniture, it must be done by facilities -- you cannot do it yourself. A campus safety officer will approve the arrangements of the furnishings for an event to assure proper emergency exit patterns. Contact 402-559-5899 to schedule your move. Please note, there may be a charge for moving furniture. 

Fundraising Guidelines

In addition to the general guidelines, fundraising activities must also follow these guidelines: