Fellowship Program for Academic Development

Applications must be completed and submitted in time to permit approval both on the campus and by the Board of Regents. A minimum of three months is required. Application - Word Form or PDF Format

Faculty Development Fellowship Policy

  1. Eligibility for participation in the Faculty Development Fellowship program is limited to persons who have held full-time appointments within the University of Nebraska for six years or more at the rank of assistant, associate, or full professor, or equivalent rank. Faculty Development Fellowships will be available on a competitive basis, rather than as an automatic reward for years of service. However, it is expected that all qualified faculty will be eligible to participate in the program. The program cannot be used for the purpose of pursuing an advanced degree.
  2. A Faculty Development Fellowship will provide the faculty member with full pay for one-half of his or her normal appointment period, or 50% of regular pay for all of his or her normal appointment period, in order to engage in scholarly research, artistic activity, or study of teaching or professional innovations which will improve the faculty member’s ability to contribute to the academic programs of the University of Nebraska. During the period of the fellowship award, the University will continue to make its full contribution to the various employee benefit programs in which the individual is enrolled. Emphasis will be directed toward maximum flexibility in fashioning fellowship proposals to the respective campus program structures. It is presumed that the benefits of the fellowships will be enjoyed by the University for many years after the fellowship has been completed, but it is required that each award recipient spend at least one year in the employment of the University after completing the fellowship.
  3. Six full years of service must elapse before a candidate who has previously been awarded a Faculty Development Fellowship is eligible to be considered again.
  4. A faculty member’s fellowship stipend can be supplemented with outside funds up to a level of the faculty member’s normal full-time compensation.
  5. The number of fellowship awards available each year should be one award for every ten eligible faculty members. Additional fellowship applications will be considered on an individual basis.
  6. Within each campus, fellowship awards will be made on a competitive basis under rules promulgated by the Chancellor, in consultation with the faculty. Fellowships will be awarded with due regard to the benefits to be derived by both the faculty member and the University. Application for the program must be in the form of a written, detailed proposal submitted well in advance of the anticipated starting date of the fellowship. The proposal must provide evidence that the activities contemplated for the fellowship can actually be carried out. In particular, evidence of concurrence on the part of any proposed participating institution and/or individual must be provided. Final recommendations to the President and Regents for Faculty Development Fellowship award recipients on each campus will be made by the Chancellor.
  7. If, after a fellowship award has been announced, it becomes apparent that the specific proposal for that fellowship cannot be implemented, the award may be continued on the basis of an alternative proposal, or deferred, or withdrawn, at the discretion of the cognizant Chancellor.
  8. In reviewing applications for fellowships, consideration may be given to any previous leaves granted to the applicant during the six preceding appointment years.
  9. Upon return to normal academic duties, a person awarded a fellowship must file a written report with the cognizant Chancellor that compares the faculty member’s actual activities with those outlined in the proposal, the relationship of these activities to his or her intellectual, artistic, and/or professional growth within his or her discipline, and the ways in which the faculty member feels that experience gained during the fellowship will improve his or her performance as a faculty member at the University.
  10. During the fellowship period the duties of each award recipient will be deferred until the faculty members returns, or assumed by replacement faculty or under taken by another faculty member in the department.