Here are the steps to follow for recruitment:

STEP 1: Department reviews the need for position and determines the required/preferred qualifications and essential functions. (NOTE: Requirements must be related to job to be performed.)

STEP 2: Prepare Requisition in Jobs@.

STEP 3: Submit Requisition to the Dean for approval. Once approved, the Dean's Office forwards the Requisition to Academic Services, who will submit to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for final approval.

STEP 4: After receiving approval of Requisition from Academic Services, you must advertise the vacancy for a minimum of 30 days through a national diversity publication such as the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC)*. Positions may also be advertised in INSIGHT Into Diversity, or Diverse: Issues in Higher Education; however, is no longer required if the job is posted on HERC. You must also advertise in at least one nationally distributed specialty publication or professional society organization publication. List of frequently used specialty publications.

(Note: Every ad must state: "Individuals from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.")

*Posting the position on the HERC website fulfills the requirement to advertise in a national diversity publication. UNMC pays a flat fee for advertising on HERC, therefore, there is no additional charge to departments/units to post jobs on HERC. To post the position on HERC, in the advertising section of your requisition change “Post to HERC” from No to Yes then choose the appropriate category or categories.

 In a few selected instances, waiver of national advertising may be authorized by the Chancellor or Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs upon request.

Visiting faculty appointments are exempt from national advertising.

Upon request, waiver of national advertising may be authorized for postdoctoral research associate appointments and posted on Jobs@ only for 7 calendar days (minimum).

Additional Information

If the decision is made not to fill an open position, notify the Dean's Business Office and Academic Services.