Special Appointment

If a termination date is specified in the appointment document, a Special Appointment terminates as stated. If no date of termination is indicated in the appointment document, the appointment continues in effect until either party gives the other a 90-day notice of termination.

(Regents Bylaws 4.4.1 )

Health Professions Appointment

When the University notifies a person holding a Health Professions Faculty Appointment that his or her appointment will not be renewed at the expiration of the term stated, the appointee shall:

  1. Have the opportunity to request a reconsideration by any individual or group making a recommendation or decision not to renew such an appointment and to offer evidence for that reconsideration.
  2. Have the right to petition the Grievance Committee, if one is established at his or her major administrative unit pursuant to Section 4.13.1, and upon such petitioning shall have the rights provided by Section 4.13.2. See also - Termination (Regents Bylaws 4.8