Academic Appointment Types

There are a variety of academic appointments:

Special Appointment 

Special Appointments are all appointments to faculty positions that are not Health Professions Faculty Appointments or Continuous Appointments. Additionally, all administrative and non-faculty professional staff positions are considered Special Appointments.

Health Professions Faculty Appointment

A Health Professions Faculty Appointment is a contract of employment for a specified period of time. Faculty on Health Professions Appointments may apply for a Continuous Appointment.

Continuous Appointment 

Continuous Appointment means academic tenure. An individual acquires tenure only by action of the Board of Regents.

Joint Cross-Campus Appointments

Joint Cross-Campus Appointments are faculty with paid appointments on two or more campuses of the University of Nebraska, e.g., UNMC and UNO. If the UNMC appointment is paid and the cross-campus appointment is unpaid, it is a courtesy appointment. 

Other Academic Appointment

Other academic appointments include Postdoctoral Research Associates, Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates, and Research Assistants.

Volunteer Appointment

Volunteer Appointment are unpaid faculty who teach classes or act as preceptors to students and house officers.

Emeritus Appointment

An Emeritus Appointment is awarded at the time of retirement from the University with at least 10 years of service in recognition of substantial service.

Graduate Faculty Appointment

Graduate Faculty Appointment applies to members of the University of Nebraska Graduate College.