Volunteer Faculty Perks

The UNMC mission is to provide quality educational experiences for our students, residents, and faculty. The single most significant influence on a student’s career choice is often their opportunity to work in a clinical setting with committed and caring health care professionals. Volunteer faculty members are an integral part of this process and UNMC recognizes their importance. The impact preceptors can have on future health care workers is unrivaled.

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Gain access to additional perks

Join the Academy and receive additional benefits on top of the ones other preceptors receive, including:

  • Access to educational researchers
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Sponsored educational programs (archived)
  • Infrastructure for collaboration with others with similar interests
  • Peer review of educational activities
  • Much more

All Community Preceptors who teach UNMC learners are eligible to join the Academy as long as they satisfy the following requirements:

  • Hold a full time, part time, or volunteer faculty appointment
  • Have at least one year of teaching/precepting UNMC learners
  • Ability to devote at least three hours per year to Academy functions
  • Can commit to participating in one educational service project per year

UNMC Volunteer Faculty May Be Eligible for:

Additional Perks from the Interprofessional Academy of Educators (IAE)

As a community health professions educator, you are critical to the high quality of teaching that UNMC provides itself on. Our goal is to provide valuable resources to help augment your teaching and provide an avenue for you to be involved in educational innovation.

The Get Help with your Teaching
The IAE is your gateway to many helpful educational resources

Be Involved in Educational Innovation
Share your expertise while advancing your career on a local and national level