Curricular Design, Instructional Methods, Assessment and Evaluation


Curricular Redesign (Feb 2020 Meeting)
AAMC Volabulary
Article:  Curriculum Mapping Al-Eyd, 2018
Article: Methodology of Curriculum Development Tabin et al, 2019
Resource document (from Diamond, R, designing & Assessing Courses and Curricula, 3rd ed., 2008)

Topics of Interest
Interest Group Survey Results (September 2018) pdf

PITS Information (Nov 2019)

ExamSoft information:
ExamSoft Presentation (McBrien/Hulquist)

CANVAS Blueprint:
Release notes for Canvas Blueprint

Simulation Curriculum Template
iExcel Simulation Template

Course Best Practice Resources:
OSCQR Rubric
Canvas Course Readiness Checklist
QTIP Rubric
COPH Engagement Rubric

Teaching Evaluation (includes online teaching)
Article: Online Course Quality Assurance Development of a Quality Checklist  (2015)
ICC-QOCI-Version-4.4-published 05.04.17
Online Quality Checklist Final (Draft student project)QCTIP Overview 2016
California State Univ Rubic for Online Instruction 2009UNMC Teaching Observation Guide
CAHP Peer Teaching Evaluation Guide
UNMC Faculty Coaching Worksheet
UNK Online Course Checklists:

Seven Principles for Good Teaching Practice (1987)
The Seven Principles of Good Practice A framework for evaluating online teaching (2004) article
Additional Online Teaching Evaluation Resource links (June 2018)(.doc page)

Objective writing:
Objective writing (Torres-Russotto)
John Hopkins Learning Objectives Teaching Toolkit

Articles (discussed during meetings):

Manuscript:  Competency Based Evaluation of Student Performance in Online Course (CB Thompson)(discuss at Nov 12 2018 meeting)

A stepwise model for simulation-based curriculum development for clinical skills, a modification of the six-step approach (Jan 2016)

Focusing on the Formative: Building an Assessment System Aimed at Student Growth and Development
 (Nov 2016)

Reflection and reflective practice in health professional education: a systematic review (Oct 2009)

Educause 2017 Trends and Technologies: Teaching and Learning (May 2017)

SPIKES – A Six-Step Protocol for Delivering Bad News: Application to the Patient with Cancer (June 2000)