Education Technology Collaboration (ETC)

Question:  Is ETC now being led by IAE?

ETC: Education Technology Collaboration is now a recognized Special Interest Group under UNMC’s newly established Interprofessional Academy of Educators. Everyone is invited to join ETC just as they were before – this is a group that is open to staff and  faculty that are working to add educational technology (and overcome challenges) when designing their teaching and curricula materials.

We have an added responsibility as a SIG of IAE – we have outcomes that must be met each year. We will be sharing those outcomes next Thursday during our ETC planning session. Please come ready to decide on what activities you want to see take place during the upcoming months.

Our members who are also IAE members have individual outcomes that must be met. (This includes Melissa and I.) They will be able to accomplish some outcomes by recognition of their work in ETC (guest speaker, serving as group Secretary, or participating in ETC reviews or group projects.) If you are currently an active member of ETC, and want to know more about becoming a member of IAE, please let us know during a meeting or contact Melissa or I directly.

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