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Register for UN Campus Conversations: Setting Yourself Up for Success with Open Educational Resources: Find It, Use It, Create and Share It

Presented by Kristi Jensen, Program Development Lead for eLearning Support Initiative at the University of Minnesota Libraries

Open Educational Resources (OERs) have been around for almost two decades, with faculty interest growing in recent years due to new models of publishing high quality, peer reviewed open textbooks, the soaring cost of textbooks, higher education in general and a push to transform teaching and learning in higher education.

In this online education event, Kristi Jensen, Program Development Lead for eLearning Support at University of Minnesota Libraries, focuses on Open Educational Resources (OERs), as well as answers key questions about OER, such as:

  • What it is and why you might consider using it
  • How to find OERs that meet your teaching and learning needs
  • How you can create and share OERs
  • What other faculty are doing with OERs in their classrooms today

Important: When registering for the event, please indicate if you would like to attend the presentation in-person or via webcast. An email will be sent prior to the event with attendance information.
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