Couple of Articles that may be of Interest to you!

CHECK OUT  the new SSiH Journal-Simulation in Healthcare.  Vol.12 No.5 September, 2017.

The topic of “Live or Let Die” debate about allowing the learners to experience the manikin death during simulation during the discussions at the OCTOBER Simulation interest meeting.   An article just published by Aaron Calhoun and David Gaba was just released.  You can find it at:

Additionally, a new articled on Debriefing and training to Debriefing is also in the latest edition of Simulation in Healthcare by Adam Cheng, MD FRCPC FAAP; Vincent Grant, MD FRCPC; James Huffman, MD FRCPC; Gavin Burgess, MD FRCPC;  Demian Szyld, MD; Traci Robinson, RN; and Walter Eppich, MD Coaching the “Coaching the Debriefer” You can find this article at



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