APRIL Meeting Article Discussions

During our meeting on April , we will provide facilitator lead discussions on the articles listed below.   We look to the group to join in the discussion of these articles. Additionally during the April meeting Dr. Sue Wilhelm will be referring to the video linked below and using the DASH checklist for her presentation.

Please VIEW the video PRIOR to the meeting-

UNMC WND Ward Simulation Debriefing 03.15.2017

Please bring a copy of this checklist to the meeting



IF YOU ARE EXTREMELY PRESSED FOR TIME TO DO THE READINGS, please read the NLN Standards article first.

We will be using these three questions to guide or discussions when reading the articles.

  1.  How does method type of debriefing provide for learner self-assessment?
  2. How does this method of debriefing provide for facilitating focused discussion?
  3. How does this method of debriefing provide information in the form of directive feedback/and or teaching?

NLN Standards of  Best Practices…

INACSL Standards Committee (2016, December). INACSL Standards of best practice: Simulation Debriefing. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 12 (S), S21-S25.

The Pearls article…

Eppich, W., & Cheng, A. (2015). Promoting Excellence and Reflective Learning in Simulation (PEARLS): development and rationale for a blended approach to health care simulation debriefing. Simulation in Healthcare, 10(2), 106-115.

There’s no such thing as…

Rudolph, J. W., Simon, R., Dufresne, R. L., & Raemer, D. B. (2006). There’s no such thing as “nonjudgmental” debriefing: a theory and method for debriefing with good judgment. Simulation in Healthcare, 1(1), 49-55.

Using debriefing for meaningful…

Dreifuerst, K. T. (2012). Using debriefing for meaningful learning to foster development of clinical reasoning in simulation. Journal of Nursing Education, 51(6), 326-333.

DASH – this is actually a conference abstract – free to see at this site on page 248, complete citation according to APA…

Brett‐Fleegler, M., Rudolph, J. W., Eppich, W. J., Fleegler, E., Cheng, A., & Simon, R. S. (2009). Debriefing Assessment for Simulation in Healthcare (DASH): Assessment of the reliability of a debriefing instrument. Simulation in Healthcare, 4(4), 240-325.

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