Pending Questions from Interest Meeting of 10/25/17

I want to thank those attending the meeting this morning for the lively discussion and overview of  “the use of simulation-is it worth it?”  We all know it takes time to develop, test and complete simulation activities.  The consensus of the group today is that it is definitely worth the time and work involved.  Members shared how they used simulation.   It was extremely interesting to see all the differing methods simulation was used for learning.

I’m going to pose this question on the discussion board for those that want to join or continue the discussion this morning.

Housekeeping News….Our November meeting falls on the day before Thanksgiving and the December meeting falls mid-week between Christmas and the New Year.   The group discussed and determined that it would be best if we cancelled the November and December meetings.    It was suggested that we look at doing less monthly meetings and do more online and small work group meetings for the purposes of making the large group meetings more productive with demonstrations of differing types of simulation or exploration of new emerging simulation modalities.

I’m planning on the first LARGE GROUP meeting to be in January, 2018.

Other questions were discussed at the meeting.

I will be posting the other questions discussed at the meeting on separate discussion boards so that all members of the group can participate in whatever conversations interests them.



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