Simulation Interest Group Project(s)

We need members of the Simulation interest group to SIGN-UP to help with one of our service projects.   The group has selected one large and two smaller service projects for this year.  We need volunteers to be willing to work within work groups to get these projects underway.  The large project is to DEVELOP Learning opportunities for the Art of Debriefing in Simulation.

The two smaller projects are to:

1.  Develop a IMAGE Catalog for simulation by collecting, compiling and indexing images from current various image collections on campus into a master catalog

2.  Follow-up on the 2015 Inventory of Simulation labs and equipment on campus that is housed on the library website.  This project will need to have a survey resent to individuals on campus and the updating of the 2015 Simulation Equipment Inventory.

Please reply to discussion board as to which project you would like to join.

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2 thoughts on “Simulation Interest Group Project(s)

  • I urge all interested members to consider working in a group on one of the interest groups projects. Let me know if you have any questions.