Leadership Thoughts

The Design Thinking Interest Group is led by a talented group of experts. Here are their thoughts about Design Thinking and how it has helped them.

Katherine S. Bravo, PhD, RN, CPNP-PC

Assistant Professor, College of Nursing - Omaha
402.559.6607 | Email | Bio

"Design Thinking has validated my inclination to dig deeper into an issue and creatively look for solutions. This type of process is very collaborative, so the Design Thinking tools have led me to "branch out" more to work on issues with others that I previously might not have approached.

Faculty members can use the Design Thinking strategies (individually or in groups) to reframe challenging issues and work to create solutions."

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Jennifer K. Kallio, DDS

Assistant Professor, College of Dentistry
402.472.1356 | Email | Bio

"Design thinking is a tool that helps us break free from the traditional problem-based approach and move to a solutions-based approach that is designed to benefit the end user, whether that is patients, students, or even faculty, in a very purposeful way to improve their experience and disrupt the current industry.

I like design thinking because everyone gets a chance to be represented and have a voice. We take our own experiences and blend them in a diverse interprofessional and dynamic environment that has energy and enthusiasm to synergistically come up with a solution."

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Amy M. Pick, PharmD, MS

Assistant Dean for Experiential Education, College of Pharmacy
402.836.9804 | Email | Bio

"Design Thinking is an iterative process that infuses the human experience into problem solving and innovation. My favorite step in design thinking is empathy work, allowing the designer to understand the user's values, needs, and wants.

Being part of an interprofessional design thinking team has fueled a creative mindset, challenged my thinking, and cultivated collaboration to solve everyday problems."

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T. J. Welniak, MD, MACM

Assistant Professor, College of Medicine
402.472.9650 | Email | Bio

"Too often, our learners, employees, and patients are left dispirited with our country's healthcare and healthcare education systems after having gone through it. Piling regulations and expectations feel as if they supersede personal wellness and time spent between providers and patients, and soon these individuals begin to feel as if they are just 'cogs in the wheel' of a system that is beyond their influence or control. Design thinking offers a chance to break that wheel by promoting a mindset that empowers individuals, rewards collaborative action and radically innovative solutions, builds off of mistakes made in lower-stakes environments, and places humans/employees/patients at the center of every decision.

With design thinking, I feel like I am spending less time working in a silo, and am more apt to understand, elicit, and integrate the perspectives of those I am solving for. I am prototyping my ideas and processes early on as means of informing future iterations, as opposed to waiting until after an inordinate amount of time and resources has been put into a fundamentally flawed solution."

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