Interest Groups

Interest Groups are designed to bring together educators with similar interests; allowing members to share their talents with one another, develop expertise, and foster scholarly collaboration. All UNMC faculty and staff are invited to participate in the interest groups.  For additional information, or if you have interest in joining a particular group, please contact us.

Clinical Teaching  

The Clinical Teaching interest group provides a vehicle for encouraging communication and innovation among educators with an interest in teaching in clinical environments.

The focus is to foster cooperation in the development and implementation of best practice, evidence-based educational strategies, and tools in education in at the beside and in the clinic.

Visit the Clinical Teaching website.

Curricular Design, Instructional Methods, Assessment & Evaluation  

The Curricular Design, Instructional Methods, Assessment and Evaluation group’s mission is to provide members with a forum to discuss innovations and best-practices related to the design, development, and implementation of instruction in the electronic, classroom, and blended settings.

Its objective is to provide expertise to UNMC educators in sound design practices, application of instructional theory, research, and tools, and the utilization of appropriate assessment/evaluation modalities.

Visit the Curricular Design, Instructional Methods, Assessment & Evaluation website.

Design Thinking  

The Design Thinking Interest Group is a forum for UNMC faculty, staff and students interested in expanding Design Thinking strategies and solutions across campus and beyond.

The group's mission is to serve as an interprofessional team who collaborates with academic and practice partners to generate innovative solutions to complex issues through use of human-centered design methods. Our vision is to transform UNMC into a worldwide center for excellence in Design Thinking in health and healthcare education.

Learn more about the Design Thinking Interest Group.

ETC: Education Technology Collaboration  

The ETC connects members with an interest in using and experimenting with new educational technology where members share their experiences, successes, and lessons.

Members' goals include sharing best practices for integrating technology in education and fostering collaboration to develop innovative projects and scholarship across campus.

Visit the ETC website.

Health Humanities  

The Health Humanities Interest Group is a forum for faculty and staff interested in humanities related activities at UNMC and UNO. The humanities creates the opportunity for collaborations that will impact the health and wellness of students, faculty, staff, and the populations that we care for as healthcare providers.

Learn more about the Health Humanities Interest Group.

Interprofessional Education  

The Interprofessional Education interest group serves as a platform for assisting UNMC educators in identifying opportunities for incorporating interprofessional teaching, as well as creating an environment to nurture the development and effective implementation of teaching activities that promote transprofessional collaboration and teamwork.

Learning Environment/Wellness  

The focus of the Learning Environment/Wellness group is to examine ways to work together to create, support, and facilitate a learning environment at UNMC centered on respect, collegiality, kindness, and cooperation.

The group will concentrate on evaluation and development of projects to foster a safe and supportive atmosphere to assist learners in developing their personal and professional identity.

Visit the Learning Environment/Wellness website.

Rural Health Care Education  

The Rural Health Care Education Interest Group is committed to identifying, developing programs/projects, and promoting educational opportunities related to rural education.

The group’s particular focus is the meeting the needs of community educators.

Visit the Rural Health Care Education website.

The Science of Learning  

The Science of Learning interest group is interested in gaining an appreciation for and supporting the purposeful application of the knowledge garnered from cognitive theory, adult learning, and memory research to health care professions education of all flavors.

Visit the Science of Learning website.


The goal of the Simulation Interest Group is the provision of a platform where participants can share their interest in and experience with simulation and its use in education, allowing an avenue for collaboration regarding simulation at UNMC.

The group offers a network for simulation ideas and issues, support when adding simulation to curricula, and expert insight on simulation technology.

Visit the Simulation website.