University of Nebraska Medical Center

Current Associate Members

The Associate Member category is intended for learner-student and resident-learners. It is open to individuals from any college, program or institute. Learn how you can apply to be an Associate Member.

List of Associate Members

Name Member Since College/Area
Nadia Abraham 2021 Medicine
Rima Al Balushi 2017 Public Health
Luke B. Allen 2022 Graduate Studies
Justin Burr 2017 Medicine
Maddie Cloonan 2017 Medicine
Alyssa Freeman 2021 Medicine
Sydney Greer 2021 Graduate Studies
Jennifer Grigsby 2020 Medicine
Halle Halbkat 2017 Graduate Studies
Marissa Hardin 2022 Public Health
Cole J. Homer 2022 Medicine
Kathryn Jespersen 2020 Graduate Studies
Sheridan Jost 2020 Medicine
Grace Kelly 2022 Medicine
Alex Maben 2020 Medicine
Kim Nguyen 2021 Medicine
Joe Pachunka 2017 Medicine
Avi Prajapati 2021 Medicine
Stephanie Radil 2020 Medicine
Emily Royer 2017 Medicine
Ethan Schroeder 2017 Graduate Studies
Kelsey Tieken 2017 Medicine
Dave Werner 2022 Graduate Studies
Karli Wittorf 2021 Graduate Studies