University of Nebraska Medical Center

Technical Standards

Respiratory Care Program Technical Standards

The UNMC Respiratory Care Program is dedicated to the education of students who possess the rigor and stamina to become competent and empathetic practitioners of respiratory care. As a student, you must achieve certain technical standards of first knowledge than skill to successfully complete an advanced degree in respiratory care. The student must achieve satisfactory performance in all academic and clinical courses, as well as outside “non-academic,” studies to provide a well-rounded education. The continuous evaluation process includes a curriculum involving physical, cognitive, and behavioral factors that are essential for the practicing respiratory professional.


The act of using senses and visually observing a person to gain valuable information from a distance and at the bedside to integrate collected information for assessment and diagnosis and treatment planning.

Communication / Professionalism

The ability to engage in respectful and non-judgmental conversation with the patient, family, and interdisciplinary team. Professional communication occurs both verbally and non-verbally, and in written records.

Cognitive / Critical Thinking

The student will use critical thinking to process, conceptualize theory, evaluate, apply, analyze, and synthesize gathered information to guide engagement with patient care and academic studies.


The student follows the AARC Statement of Ethics and Professional Conduct at clinical and in the classroom. The student should be able to cope in high-stress situations within the classroom and at a clinical site. The student demonstrates integrity, trust, honesty, and ethical behavior, at all times.

Physical and Sensory Function

The student must have sufficient motor and sensory function to perform a patient assessment including palpation, auscultation, percussion, breath sounds both gross and fine muscular movements, and functional senses such as vision, hearing, and touch.