Medical Laboratory Science Courses

For information about our MLS Degree Advancement option, go to BSMLS. To register for any of the below courses, follow the instructions on the previous page (Online Courses).

MLS 310 Introduction to Pathogenic Microorganisms in Infectious Disease (4 semester hours) SPRING, SUMMER
This course is an introduction to medical microbiology and infectious disease. Topics will focus on the most common pathogenic microorganisms and the infections they cause in humans. The course primarily focuses on bacteriology, but will include introductory coverage of parasitology, mycology and virology. The course provides opportunities to develop laboratory skills in the use and interpretation of laboratory tests to diagnose infectious disease. Prerequisites: Introductory Biology course

MLS 404 Immunology (3 semester hours) FALL, SPRING
This online course includes the theory and application of basic concepts in immunology, immunopathology, and immunologic testing methods.  Topics of study include the cells, proteins and chemicals involved in the immune system.  Immune disorders such as hypersensitivity, autoimmunity, immunodeficiency and protein abnormalities are addressed, as well as transplant and tumor immunology, immunologic testing methods and flow cytometry. Prerequisites: None