Need to Do

Need to Do!

As an accepted student to the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions, navigate through the buttons below to ensure you have completed necessary action items. After you complete these action items, please read the Need to Know and Orientation Week information. If you have questions, please contact or call 402.559.6673.

UNMC Email: Set Up  

This section applies to all students at all campuses and online.
Part 1: You should have already received emails with Your UNMC Username and Password as part of the acceptance process.

  • If you are unable to locate the emails, please call the IT Helpdesk at 402.559.7700.

Part 2: Change Your UNMC Password.

  • If you have problems changing your password, please call the IT Helpdesk at 402.559.7700.

Part 3: Access Your UNMC Email and Download DUO

  • After changing your password, please go to the UNMC email access instructions.
  • You will be prompted to log into the UNMC Intranet using your UNMC Username and Password to access the instructions.

Please check your UNMC email frequently.

  • Your UNMC email account is the official means for receiving communication from UNMC. Students are accountable for reading and responding to their UNMC email account.
Questions? Please contact the IT Help Desk at 402.559.7700.
MyRecords: Update Personal Information  

This section applies to all students at all campuses and online.
Explore MyRecords and update your personal information.

  • Login to MyRecords as soon as possible at using your Net ID and password.
  • MyRecords serves as the primary platform to access admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and student billing information. You will also see information related to actions you must take to complete your onboarding process and view any holds that may prevent future enrollment.
  • It is important to make sure that your contact information is accurate. You can update your contact information in the Profile section of MyRecords.
  • Be sure to mark your UNMC email as your “preferred” account in MyRecords. All departments at UNMC send student communications to your UNMC email account. You will be sent information to that account going forward. Please check it on a regular basis.
  • Update Emergency Contact Information
Login Questions? Go to MyRecords Login Instructions.
Background Check: Complete  

This section applies to all students at all campuses and online.
One Source Background Check
Please note this is a 2-step process and there is a $37.45 fee for the One Source Background Check and a $5.00 fee for the NE DHHS Registry Check if you choose the online identity verification rather than being notarized. You should have your credit card ready. Additionally, you will need your social security number, your driver’s license number, and your previous addresses over the last seven years. Please note all students residing in the United States must complete both steps outlined below.

  1. Go to One Source Background
    • Select “Allied Health Programs | Background Check”, follow all instructions to complete the first portion of the background check.
  2. Watch for an email from NE DHHS shortly after completing Step 1 through One Source, as it will have a custom link to complete the NE DHHS Adult & Child Abuse & Neglect Registry Check. The email will come from within 1 business day (if you complete Step 1 after 3pm on Friday, the NE DHHS email won’t come until Monday). Follow the instructions to complete the second portion of the background check. When choosing which registries to be checked, select both the Adult & Child Registries.
    • Please note your custom link will expire after 30 days.
Immunization Requirements: Complete  

This section applies to all students, with the exception of students who are fully online.
All new UNMC students are required to receive required immunizations. Immunization records are submitted online through MyRecords. Please log on using you Net ID and password and click on Access Immunization Center. From there you can both choose to upload your current immunizations as well as generate your immunization record.

If you have any questions, please contact 402.559.5158 or email.
FAFSA and Explore Aid Options: Complete  

This section applies to all students at all campuses and online.
The UNMC Office of Financial Aid provides detailed instructions how to complete your FAFSA and apply for other types of aid.

If you have questions on how to apply for different types of aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid by email or 402.559.4199.
Scholarship Applications  
This section applies to all students, with the exception of students who are fully online.
Log in to MyRecords and reference the To Do List. The Scholarship Application will be located here and should be completed as soon as possible.
Compliance Training  

This section applies to all students at all locations and online.
Compliance Training:

  • Compliance training is located in Canvas and should be completed as soon as possible. Some colleges and campuses have specific deadlines to complete the training.
  • After logging in to Canvas, click on the individual compliance module. Follow the instructions to view the course materials and complete the appropriate tests. Each test has a minimum score to successfully complete the requirement.

A reminder to complete compliance training will appear in your "To Do" section of MyRecords.
Compliance Certificates and Expiration:

  • To print certificates of completion and see when your compliance expires, access the CARE website and click on the Training tab.
Final Transcripts: Submit  
This section applies to all students at all campuses and online.
Final official transcripts must be submitted to CAHP Enrollment Management & Student Affairs. If all final official transcripts were submitted at the time of application, you will not need to send additional transcripts.
Please send final official transcripts to “UNMC - College of Allied Health Professions” via Parchment, the National Student Clearinghouse, or directly to our email:
Instructional Technology: Computer Requirements, Canvas, Examsoft  

This section applies to all students at all campuses and online.
Most course instructors in CAHP use one or both of the following instructional technology tools to deliver instructional materials and assessments. Each program in CAHP determines the policies and procedures related to proper use of these tools, so students should refer to their program’s instructions for test day procedures, assignment due dates, and other similar details. The following resources are general guidelines to help you prepare for the start of classes.

Computer Requirements
Please reference the CAHP computer requirements page for updated student computer requirements.

All CAHP programs use Canvas, a learning management system, to organize course content and deliver instruction to students. Canvas is a web-based tool where you will find course syllabi, reading assignments, instructional modules, and some assessments.

Once your UNMC Net ID has been established, you’ll be able to login to Canvas. You may not see any courses when you initially log in, but you should begin to see the courses you are registered for appear on your Dashboard in the days leading up to a new semester. Your Net ID is the portion of your UNMC email address before that @ symbol that typically contains your first and last name.

This short video is a great starting point if you are new to Canvas.

Canvas Help Topics

Students in programs that use ExamSoft for assessments will need to download Examplify, the secure testing software offered by ExamSoft, on the device they intend to use for taking examinations.

In the first week or two of your first semester at UNMC CAHP, log in to the ExamSoft portal and download Examplify. Log in using your UNMC Net ID. Your Net ID is the portion of your UNMC email address before that @ symbol that typically contains your first and last name.

You will only be able to log in to the ExamSoft site after your user account has been created, and this typically occurs 10-15 days after the first day of the semester. If you attempt to log in, and ExamSoft does not recognize your UNMC Net ID, wait a couple days and try again.

MLS Students: (Institutional ID: UNMCMLS)
All Other CAHP Programs: (Institutional ID: UNMCAH)
UNMC uses the Legacy Portal.

Instructions for Downloading to Windows and Mac

Additional Help Topics for ExamSoft/Examplify
Many great instructional articles for students are listed under the Assessments section.

Questions about instructional technology should be directed to your Program Director or to the CAHP Office of Academic Affairs.

Tuition and Fees: Pay  

This section applies to all students at all campuses and online.

  • MyRecords provides information on your student bill. You can access this information by logging into MyRecords with your Net ID and password. After logging into MyRecords, click in the Student Accounts tab.
  • Student Accounts also provides information on how to review and pay your student bill each term. It also provides information on how to receive refunds. This information can be found on the Student Accounts website
  • Tuition bills are generated the tenth day of the semester.
If you have questions, contact Student Accounts by email or call 402.559.8086.
Student Health Insurance: Purchase or Waive  

This section applies to students on all campuses and online. This is a REQUIRED step for full time students.

Information on all aspects of Student Health Insurance

Full-Time Participation

Most students are required to have inpatient (hospitalization) insurance. This includes ALL students in the following groups:

  1. Undergraduate/professional students enrolled full-time (12 or more hours)
  2. Undergraduate nursing students enrolled in 12 hours
  3. PhD students
  4. Students in other graduate programs enrolled full-time
  5. Graduate nursing students enrolled in 6 or more hours

Part-Time Participation

Students enrolled part-time may also enroll for the particular semester in the United Student Insurance Program by enrolling on the United Healthcare Insurance website and must do so within the first two weeks of each semester. Please note, part-time students must sign up for student health insurance if they are interested. Part-time students will not automatically be enrolled.

Insurance Options and Cost

  • Students may participate in the University-sponsored plan thru United Healthcare Student Resources, or they may have their own plan through a parent, spouse, employer, or self.
  • The cost of the United Healthcare Student Insurance is automatically billed each fall and spring semester on the full-time student’s tuition statement/bill. If students do not wish to participate in the University plan through United Healthcare, they must file a Waiver verifying alternate insurance.
Information on how to purchase and waive student health insurance

Questions regarding the student insurance plan, procedures for filing claims, and/or problems with the claims process may be directed to:
Devin Schleicher, UNMC
MSB 25101
Phone: 402.559.5328

Cindi Pickinpaugh, United Healthcare
University of Nebraska System Advocate
ID Badge  

This section applies to students on all campuses and online.
Omaha Campus Students:

  • All UNMC students are required to wear their UNMC ID Badge on campus. Students can obtain their UNMC ID Badge from the Photo ID Office after they have received their NetID and password.
  • Due to heavy summer volume, the Photo ID Office requests that students starting in the fall wait until after August 1 to pick up their ID.
  • When you pick up your ID card at the Photo ID Card office, be sure to bring a valid U.S. driver's license, a U.S. government-issued ID, a U.S. military ID, or a passport.
  • ID Card Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

Questions? Contact the ID Card Office 402.559.8414 or

Kearney Campus Students:

  • Take photo using your smart device and follow all photo guidelines below. Send photo as an attachment so it can be edited and cropped if needed. Email to (please include your NUID number).
    If you were previously a UNK Student and would like us to use your existing photo, please let us know at the above email.

    Photo Guidelines:
    • Face forward, use a non-textured/solid white background with nothing else in background, no gestures, no sunglasses unless for medical purposes, no head wear unless required under religious beliefs. Tip: White poster board works well for a background.
    • No professional photos allowed (i.e. senior pictures).
    • Photo must be JPEG or PNG file type. Your phone camera format settings should be JPG, JPEG, PNG, or “most compatible.”
    • Maximum file size accepted is 1 MB.
    • Additional details can be found on the UNK Photo ID page.

Students Not Located on the Omaha and Kearney Campuses:

  • Please submit a photo that follows all photo guidelines below.
    • Photo must be from the waist up with a solid royal blue background behind you.
    • No hats and no sunglasses. (Please take transition glasses off.)
  • Save the photo with your name and program in the file name. (ex. JoeSmithCytotechnology).
  • Submit the photo to and indicate in the email subject that you are submitting your ID photo.
  • Once your ID has been printed, it will be mailed to your clinical site and it will be distributed to you.
Parking, Transportation and Vehicle Registration/Taxes  

This section applies to students on the Omaha and Kearney campuses.

Omaha Campus Students:

Campus Parking Options:

  • Students on the Omaha campus purchase parking permits through the Permits tab on the UNMC parking portal.

Additional Transportation and Parking Options:

  • Additional parking and transportation options, including carpool, busses, and biking can be found on the UNMC Travel Smart website.

Vehicle Registration and Taxes:

  • All full-time college students who have an out-of-state permanent residence and are enrolled in 12 or more semester hours are exempt from registering their vehicles in Nebraska.
  • If you are temporarily residing in Omaha you will need to comply with the City of Omaha's Municipal Code Ordinance 16-22, which requires you to pay the City of Omaha Wheel Tax. More information can be found on the Douglas County Treasurer's website.

Kearney Campus Students: