Our Program

Degree Offered

Master of Perfusion Science (MPS)
Additionally, the CPE Program offers an online Masters of Perfusion Science (MPS) Degree Advancement Option (DAO) for those who have already completed a CAAHEP-accredited perfusion education program. DAO participants are part-time students, and are allowed up to five years to complete a 17-hour curriculum.

Length of Program

The Clinical Perfusion Science Education (CPE) Program at UNMC is 21 months in length. Upon successful completion of the program, UNMC awards the Master of Perfusion Science degree, making graduates eligible for national certification. The first two semesters (Phase I) consist of didactic course work with an introduction to perfusion science. The remaining 11 months (Phase II and III) consist of clinical rotations, a research project and elective courses.

Degree Requirements

Graduation requirements include successful completion of the following:

  1. Pass, with a greater than 70% grade, a comprehensive written objective test which focuses on problems encountered in the practice of clinical perfusion.
  2. Complete thorough and comprehensive evaluations of different patients who are to undergo clinical perfusion. The student must be able to differentiate between abnormal and normal variations and to design a pump circuit that would meet the physiological needs of the patient undergoing surgery. Demonstrate through appropriate consultation with the faculty member that a suitable circuit has been selected and that the patient can be safely supported on cardiopulmonary bypass.
  3. Meet all standards as established by the clinical competency committee.