Perfusion Preceptor Course

CLPR 975 – Clinical Perfusion Preceptor Training is a free, PASS/NON-PASS and NOT FOR ACADEMIC CREDIT online course provided for all those engaged in the clinical instruction of University of Nebraska Medical Center Clinical Perfusion Education students.

This non-stressful course is offered Fall and Spring Semesters and is intended to help the preceptor fully
understand the process and pathway the UNMC CPE student undertakes to become a perfusionist.
Additionally, this course offers suggestions from the program director and others to help best facilitate interactions with the CPE student by:

  1. familiarizing the clinical instructor with the current state of perfusion
  2. providing the clinical instructor with publications relating to training
    perfusion students
  3. familiarizing the clinical instructor with regulatory agencies influencing the
    educational process
  4. specifically identifying processes imposed upon the educational unit
    familiarizing the clinical instructor with the UNMC CPE curriculum in
    general and the rotation expectations in particular
  5. introducing the competency expectations the CPE program has upon the
    students before and after release to clinical rotations
  6. clarifying for the clinical instructor the clinical expectations of the program
    upon the student
  7. providing didactic content for the clinical instructor to improve teaching
  8. providing video-recorded simulation environment for developing feedback


2020-21 CLPR975 Calendar

To enroll, contact:
Christine Swets

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