Goals for the Diagnostic Cytology Program

The overall goal of the diagnostic cytology program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center is: “To prepare competent entry-level cytologists in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills) and affective (behavior) learning domains.”

Cognitive (knowledge) is addressed through the following:
Reading assignments
Multi-headed microscope sessions
Individual microscope sessions
Class room assignments (case studies, vocab. lists, etc)
Written Exams
Image Exams
Screening Exams
Evaluations given by faculty

Psychomotor (skill) is addressed through the following:
Microscopic techniques
Screening techniques
Preparatory techniques
Practical exams
Slide screening exams
Attending patient procedures – (making preps at bedside)
Evaluations by faculty

Affective (behavior) is addressed through the following:
Students given policies for program
Ethics lecture
Professionalism lecture (guest speaker for UNMC)
Interaction with other health care professionals
Evaluation by clinical staff during practicum
Evaluations by faculty during didactic portion