Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Sciences &
Post Baccalaureate Professional Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography


FALL SEMESTER (First Semester)

Course # Course Title Credit
MITS 401S/601S Ultrasound Physics I 1
MITS 412S/612S     Sonography Clinical Education I 4
MITS 415S/615S Orientation to Diagnostic Medical Sonography       2
MITS 431S/631S Obstetrical Conference I 1
MITS 432S/632S Gastrointestinal Ultrasound 3
MITS 441S/641S Diagnostic Film Review I 2
  Total Semester Hours for Fall Semester 13

SPRING SEMESTER (Second Semester)

Course # Course Title Credit
MITS 402S/602S     Sonography Clinical Education II 5
MITS 403S/603S Diagnostic Film Review II 2
MITS 405S/605S Obstetrical Conference II 1
MITS 407S/607S Advanced Obstetrical Ultrasound 2
MITS 408S/608S Gynecological Ultrasound 1
MITS 409S/609S Genitourinary Ultrasound 1
MITS 419S/619S Professional Projects I 2
MITS 451S/651S Ultrasound Physics II 1
  Total Semester Hours for Spring Semester      15

SUMMER SEMESTER (Third Semester)

Course # Course Title Credit
MITS 421S/621S     Professional Projects II 1
MITS 452S/652S Sonography Clinical Education III 5
MITS 453S/653S Obstetrical Conference III 1
MITS 454S/654S Diagnostic Film Review III 2
MITS 455S/655S High Resolution Sonography 1
MITS 457S/657S Pediatric Sonography 2
  Total Semester Hours for Summer Semester  12
Total DMS Curriculum Hours 40