Healthcare Delivery Science Curriculum

Required Core Courses (15 credit hours total):
HDS 831 Healthcare Management 3 credit hours
HSRA 872 (CPH 565) Healthcare Finance 3 credit hours
HDS 852 Design of Quality Improvement Initiatives 3 credit hours
HDS 860 Introduction to Health Informatics 3 credit hours
HPTT 823 Leadership in Health Professions Education 3 credit hours

Required Capstone I & II (3 credit hours total):
HDS 871 Introduction to Digital Portfolio 1 credit hour
HDS 872 Digital Portfolio Capstone 2 credit hours

Electives (12 credit hours total):
HDS 815 Communication & Culture in Healthcare
HDS 823 Principles of Critical Inquiry
HDS 826 Health Care Ethics/Critical Thinking
HDS 830 Scanning the Health Care Environment
HDS 850 Foundations of Quality Improvement
HDS 851 System and Social Influences of Quality and Safety
HDS 853 Implementation & Evaluation of Improvement Initiatives
HDS 861 Health Data Analytics
HDS 862 Health Information Systems
HDS 863 Health Information Management
HDS 873 Special Topics in Healthcare
HPTT 830 Research Analysis & Design for Health Professions Education
HPTT 840 Foundations of Clinical Teaching in the Health Professions