UNMC Medical Laboratory Science Program Curriculum

Note: Degree Completion Advancement (MLT to MLS) will have a different schedule from what is listed below, but are required to complete the listed courses.

The curriculum includes theory, practical application and technical performance experiences gained through lectures, clinical case studies, writing activities, small group work, independent study, and supervised laboratory experiences. The patient-oriented learning environment includes all areas of a full-service, accredited clinical pathology laboratory.

Required courses totaling 43 semester hours of credit include:

Completed May-August (Student Laboratory)

Completed August – December (Clinical Rotation I) 

Completed January – May (Clinical Rotation II)

The requirements are covered in a 40-hour per week schedule throughout the 11+ month program.

Formal lectures, writing assignments, group activities and clinical case studies are coordinated by the UNMC faculty from the Omaha campus site and delivered online or coordinated via various distance learning technologies to students at distant clinical sites. All course descriptions.

All required courses must be completed with a minimum passing grade of 70% (C-) to meet program requirements for graduation.