Master of Medical Nutrition

The Master of Medical Nutrition (MMN) degree program is designed for students whose primary aim is clinical practice. Students enrolled in the dietetic internship are eligible to pursue the master's degree upon successful completion of the dietetic internship program requirements. Coursework completed during the dietetic internship program will contribute toward the credit hour requirements for the master's degree.

Program Objectives
The MMN degree program in the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions has two primary objectives:

  1. Train medical nutrition practitioners to conduct sound medical nutrition research and collaborate with researchers across other scientific disciplines.
  2. Apply evidence-based principles in clinical practice and contribute to the development of evidence based guidelines for nutrition care.

Students entering the UNMC Dietetic Internship Program meet the admission requirements for the MMN degree program and can select the MMN degree option as part of the initial enrollment process at UNMC. Once the completion requirements are met for the dietetic internship program, students proceed with the remaining coursework requirements that lead to the MMN degree. 

Program of Study
The CAHP Medical Nutrition Education (MNE) faculty at UNMC will oversee the admission of students and appointment of MMN degree student supervisory committees. Students seeking the MMN degree must satisfy all of the requirements of the program. These include, but are not limited to: 

Students who pursue the MMN degree will each develop a plan for special topics, selective coursework and capstone project requirements that must be approved by his/her supervisory committee.

Students pursuing the MMN degree will meet with their supervisory committee to discuss potential areas of interest for a research topic. Students will be encouraged to conduct research consistent with clinical practice and the MNE program's evolving research plan and agendas. They may, however, also have the opportunity to pursue alternate avenues of funded research.

Courses for the first year of the MMN degree program include didactic and clinical experiences that meet the requirements of the UNMC Dietetic Internship Program and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate. Successful completion of these courses is a pre-requisite for enrollment in the remaining courses for the master’s degree program.

The second year of the master's degree program includes additional coursework and clinical experiences, including:


The Master of Medical Nutrition Program is an accelerated full-time 1.5-year program. Students complete 33 semester credit hours, as dietetic interns, during the fall-spring and early summer terms, completing requirements for the Verification Statement in July. They continue full-time, completing an additional 17 semester credit hours during the remaining summer term and fall term of the second year. With full-time commitment and successful completion of 50 total semester credit hours, students may qualify for graduation with the MMN degree in December of the second year of enrollment in the program.