Technical Standards

Applicants and students should possess the following skills and abilities in order to perform the required tasks and duties of the profession. If the help of compensatory technique or devices are required, the program and/or university will make reasonable accommodations. Those individuals requesting disability accommodations must do so by submitting a disability accommodation request with UNMC Student Success.

Technical Standards Required:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Safety Standards

 Communication Skills

 Visual/Auditory Perception

 Physical/Motor Abilities

 Cognitive/Interpersonal Skills

These standards identify the requirements for admission, retention and graduation from the program. It is the responsibility of the student with disabilities to request those accommodations that he/she feels are reasonable and are needed to execute the essential functions described.

Reasonable accommodations are provided for students who are registered with UNMC Accessibility Services Center (UNMC ASC) and make their requests sufficiently in advance. For more information, contact UNMC ASC (Location: Student Life Center, Suite 2030; Phone: 402.554.2872, Email).