BSMLS DAO Curriculum

The plan of study includes 35 hours of theory and practical application experiences gained through recorded lectures, assignments/exercises, virtual laboratory simulations, and case studies. Coursework is completed independently or in small groups with faculty guidance. The faculty advisor will work with the student to select an appropriate schedule to complete their specific plan of study.

Orientation Courses are available for review purposes

Required courses to be completed totaling 35 semester hours of credit include:

Level I Courses

Level II Courses

Curriculum (all course descriptions) is coordinated by the UNMC faculty from the Omaha campus and delivered online or coordinated via various distance learning technologies to students at distant clinical sites. All required courses must be completed with a minimum passing grade of 70% (C-) to meet program requirements for graduation.

Course offerings are subject to change based on instructor availability, enrollment, and technology.

Academic Progress
Students enrolled in the BSMLS Degree Advancement Option are expected to make satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of their Individual Plan of Study and degree requirements. All courses must be passed with a grade of “C -” or better. Courses may be repeated only once. Courses are to be completed during the registered semester.

Degree Completion
Upon successful completion of the BSMLS curriculum (5 year maximum), students will receive diploma and graduation information from UNMC Student Services. Students must be awarded a minimum of 120 total semester hours of college credit (UNMC courses + transfer credit + professional MLT program credit hour award) by the UNMC Office of Academic Records to be eligible to graduate from UNMC.

To obtain your transcripts, please visit the UNMC Student Services website.

Diplomas are issued once a year in May. Upon successful completion of all requirements by the deadline dates set by the Program, graduates of the BSMLS DAO are welcome to participate in the graduation ceremonies in Omaha, Nebraska.