Perfusion Degree Advancement Option

2022 Application Open: July 15, 2021
Admit Term:
Spring 2022 (January 2022 – May 2022) - Application Deadline: November 1, 2021
Fall 2022 (August 2022 – December 2022) - Application Deadline: June 30, 2022

Masters of Perfusion Science Degree Advancement Option

Perfusionists interested in pursuing a Masters of Perfusion Science (MPS) degree may apply to the Degree Advancement Option (DAO), College of Allied Health Professions, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). 

The MPS DAO program is available through distance education technology and may be completed on a part-time basis by qualified Perfusionists. 

Applicants must be pre-approved for enrollment by the Clinical Perfusion Education Division. Accepted applicants must have completed perfusion training at a CAAHEP accredited perfusion education program. Additionally, the applicant must have entered the perfusion training with a Bachelor's degree.  

Applicants who meet these requirements for acceptance and are admitted to the MPS Science DAO program will receive a maximum of 65 semester hours of credit for their Perfusion training upon completion of the program.

View the Technical Standards for CAHP distance education programs.