Program Description

MPS DAO Program Description

The Master of Perfusion Science (MPS) Degree Advancement Option (DAO) allows working Perfusionist, who have completed a CAAHEP-accredited perfusion program, the opportunity to advance their education and professional goals while working in their home communities. Qualified candidates work with the program director to develop a plan of study that includes coursework and a thesis project designed to match the student's clinical and educational background with their professional goals.

Students are allowed up to 5 years to complete the degree advancement option; however it it is possible to complete the program in four semesters, depending on the student's course load. Examples of program completion timelines.

Potential students apply online. Please follow the instructions on the How to Apply page.

Courses are available through a variety of distance learning technologies (mostly synchronous and asynchronous online activities, independent reading, and projects).  Students are required to write papers, complete projects, conduct research, communicate with professors and students online, work independently on assignments and with coworkers on group projects, do case presentations, take quizzes and exams, etc.

The Master of Perfusion Science Degree Advancement Option objectives are: