Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change, as determined by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. Questions regarding residency status should be directed to UNMC Student Success.

For the estimated tuition and fees, please see UNMC Financial Aid Costs of Attendance.
Note: Please read through all the information on that page, then click on College of Allied Health Professions to find your program.

Find answers regarding accounts, tuition, fees, and taxes at Student Accounts.

Please note:
For those students accepted to the Kearney campus, there is a nominal cost differential resulting from fees generated for miscellaneous items such as the campus newspaper, access to sporting events on the UNK campus, and a multicultural allocation. This nominal cost cannot be waived. For more specific information regarding the fees, please contact the College of Allied Health Professions' Academic and Student Affairs Office at 402-559-6673.

Additional variable costs include required attendance at professional meetings and clinical education affiliations (including travel and room and board costs). Information about housing both on and off campus may be found at the UNMC housing website and Kearney housing. Housing and living expenses are not included in the estimated tuition and related expenses above. See the financial aid office for details on living allowances.

NOTE: Travel and living expenses for clinical education should be anticipated; no student will be allowed to complete all clinical education experiences in the Omaha/Lincoln area. The amount of these expenses will vary depending on individual student schedules.

Technology Requirement: All students are required to have a computing device for use in the program. Financial aid is available for students who need it. Click for a list of computers specs needed for the program. Contact the UNMC Financial Aid office to request funding for the device requirement.