For Preceptors

As a preceptor, you play a vital role during the clinical year in the education and development of our University of Nebraska Medical Center Physician Assistant students. With your guidance in the clinical setting, students apply knowledge and concepts learned in the didactic year with hands-on skills and clinical judgment to shape future providers adept at delivering quality, patient-centered health care.

Preceptor Benefits

There are several benefits to becoming a preceptor for the University of Nebraska Medical Center Physician Assistant program. As a practicing provider, we commit to lifelong learning and education of our patients and colleagues. Working with students is a great way to “pay it forward” to the future of medicine and have a stake in the ongoing provision of high-quality health care. Other benefits to consider are:

For preceptors that commit to student clinical rotations and/or lectures, we also offer the following benefits:

Preceptor Resources

AAPA Clinical Preceptor Recognition Program

One of the most important ways you can help patients find and receive the best medical care is to help educate the next generation of PAs. AAPA recognizes the hard work of preceptors through its Clinical Preceptor Recognition Program, developed in cooperation with the PA Education Association (PAEA).

Preceptor Newsletter - News and updates for preceptors of University of Nebraska Medical Center Physician Assistant Program students