Mid-Clerkship Evaluation Form (for Family Medicine Clerkships only)
This evaluation is to be completed at the mid-point (6 weeks) of the family medicine clerkship. It does not affect the student’s grade, but is still required for successful completion of the clerkship. The evaluation is intended to foster and facilitate feedback from the preceptor to the student regarding their progress in this rotation.

Final Clerkship Evaluation Form (for all rotations)
This evaluation is to be completed during the final week of the student’s rotation. It is used to assess their medical knowledge and clinical skills development and is calculated into the final grade assigned for this rotation. We hope that this information will be shared with the student prior to the end of their rotation, as further feedback to help them identify areas of strength and those areas needing further development.

Preceptor Handbook

The following handbook was developed to serve as a guide and resource for preceptors of University of Nebraska Medical Center Physician Assistant students. Please review the handbook prior to working with students and refer to it as needed.

UNMC PA Program Preceptor Handbook

Class of 2022 Clinical Year Calendar

Class of 2023 Clinical Year Calendar

Teaching Resources

Giving Effective Feedback

Difficult Teaching Situations

AAPA Clinical Preceptor Recognition Program