Student Life

Student Life Information

Sharing Clinic and Goodlife Clinic Students have opportunities for service learning and/or interaction with students from other health care professions in student-run clinics.

Additional Special Requirements:
Basic Life Support Certification Students enrolled in the program are required to maintain certification throughout the program.

Attendance at Program and Professional Meetings Student attendance is required at the program's All-Class Meetings. As a graduation requirement, attendance is required at a select number of professional meetings. Students are responsible for their own registration, housing, travel and transportation arrangements for these professional meetings.

Professional Liability Coverage All students enrolled within the program are covered under a comprehensive general liability and professional liability policy approved by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. In addition, students may be required to purchase individual "student professional liability coverage" each year while enrolled in the program. Students will receive further information about Professional Liability Coverage after enrollment in the program.

Placement Assistance Students and graduates have access to all recruitment information that is received by the Division from employers of health care professionals.