Our Program

Undergraduate Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences

Length of Program:

The program is 21 months in length, starting in August, and ending in May. The didactic component is composed of approximately 94 semester hours and complies with the American Society of Radiologic Technologists curriculum.

The Radiography program consists of lecture, demonstrations, laboratory, and supervised clinical experiences using a multitude of educational delivery methods such as face-to-face, synchronous with live video stream, hybrid, and asynchronous formats. See our program curriculum for more details. The students gain clinical experience by rotating through one or more of the following facilities:

The amount of time dedicated to the clinical environment depends upon the student's year in the program and semester of enrollment. Part of the clinical experience will involve evening/weekend rotation requirements. The evening /weekend rotations will not comprise more than 25% of the student's total clinical clock hours. 

All students, male and female, will be offered the opportunity to participate in mammography rotations. The program will make every effort to place a male student in this rotation if requested; however, the program is not in the position to override clinical setting policies that may prohibit this. The program will not deny female students the opportunity to participate in mammography rotations if clinical settings are not available to provide the same opportunity to male students. The JRCERT position statement is available on the JRCERT Web site at www.jrcert.org.

Degree Requirements

Students must successfully complete each course within the radiography curriculum in order to be considered for the Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences. A minimum total of 120 semester credit hours are required for the Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences (minimum of 26 semester credit hours of specific prerequisite coursework and approximately 94 semester credit hours in the Radiography Program).

All required didactic and clinical courses must be completed with a minimum letter grade of C- or better to meet requirements for graduation from the program.