Admission to the Program

Admission Requirements

  1. Graduate from an accredited Radiography program. Students in their final months of study are eligible to apply. 
  2. Current certification by the ARRT.
  3. Undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  4. Radiography program GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  5. Complete a shadow experience with a Radiation Therapy Program Representative. (Email to schedule a shadow experience.)

Radiation Therapy Admissions Policies are in the CAHP Handbook.

Enrollment in each program is limited and competitive. The admissions committee of each program, composed of program faculty and administration, evaluates the qualifications of each applicant and makes the final selections for admission.

For admittance into the second certification program at UNMC, the technologist must have completed an accredited radiography program, be certified, registered, and in good standing in their profession (ARRT).

Admission to the Radiation Therapy Program requires the applicant to successfully complete the following prior to matriculation:

University / College Required Prerequisites
Successful completion of 21 semester hours at an accredited college or university. The required semester hours must include the following:

Language/Social Sciences (9 semester hours)

Course work used to meet this requirement may include but is not limited to literature, composition, communication, speech, foreign language, philosophy, psychology, sociology, art, history, religion.

Mathematics (3 semester hours)

Natural Sciences (9 semester hours)

Course work used to meet this requirement may include, but is not limited to, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, physics, or earth sciences.

*Advanced Placement:
A maximum of 6 College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or Advanced Placement (AP) semester hours will be accepted for transfer. CLEP semester hours in math and science will not be accepted & no more than 3 CLEP or AP hours of English Composition will be accepted.

All science courses must be basic science courses for science majors.

College prerequisites, course requirements, and program requirements are subject to change.

Clinical Environment

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Application Deadline


All applicants, regardless of application completion or acceptance status, are encouraged to submit their FAFSA data to UNMC prior to April 1st to ensure consideration for all aid options. Please refer to the financial aid process page: Applying for Financial Aid.

Program Demographics

Average number of applications received each year: 20-25
Number of students accepted: 6-8
Average Overall Prerequisite GPA of applicants: 3.40
Average Overall Prerequisite GPA of accepted students: 3.70
Average Science GPA of applicants: 3.00
Average Science GPA of accepted students: 3.30