CAHP Academic & Student Affairs

CAHP Academic and Student Affairs

Our staff is happy to assist current and prospective students as well as CAHP faculty and staff.

Gregory M. Karst, PhD, PT, Executive Associate Dean |  Bio
Janice Tompkins, MPH, MT (ASCP), Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs | Bio
Sarah McBrien, MS, Director of Curricular & Learning Assessment | Bio
Maggie Winnicki, MPH, Director for Student Services
Tamara Cardin, BFA, Student Affairs Specialist
Kevin Howard, MA, Recruitment and Marketing Specialist
Diane Landon, MA, Student Affairs Specialist
Leah Sinner, BS, Office Associate II
Alexandra Stoll, MPA, Student Affairs Specialist

Fran Higgins, MA, ADWR, CAHP Communications & Media Specialist
Nicki Simmons, BS, CAHP Events

ASA staff
Front (l-r): Diane Landon, Kevin Howard, Fran Higgins; Back (l-r) Nicki Simmons, Tamara Cardin, Alex Stoll, Maggie Winnicki