Gregory M. Karst, PT, PhD, FELI

Executive Associate Dean

College of Allied Health Professions
University of Nebraska Medical Center
984000 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4000

Academic Appointments:
Professor, Physical Therapy Education, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Assistant/Associate/Acting Director, Physical Therapy Education, 1996-2007
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1989-1992

BS, Physical Therapy, Wichita State University, 1976
MS, Animal Physiology, University of Arizona, 1984
PhD, Physiology, University of Arizona, 1989

Scholarly Activity:
Research interests: motor control, kinesiology/biomechanics

Selected publications (of 29 total):
Harbourne RT, Lobo MA, Karst GM, Galloway JC. Sit happens: Does sitting development perturb reaching development, or vice versa? Infant Behav Dev 36(3):438-50, 2013.

Venema DM, Karst GM. Individuals with total knee arthroplasty demonstrate altered anticipatory postural control strategies compared to healthy control subjects. J Geriatr Phys Ther. 35:62-71, 2012

Potach DH, Katsavelis D, Karst GM, Latin RW, Stergiou N. The effects of a plyometric training program on the latency time of the quadriceps femoris and gastrocnemius short-latency responses. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 49:35-43, 2009.

Xia R, Bush BMH, Karst GM. Phase-dependent and task-dependent modulation of stretch reflexes during rhythmical hand tasks. J Physiol 564:941-951, 2005.

Tyler AE, Karst GM. Timing of muscle activity during reaching while standing: Systematic changes with target distance. Gait Posture 2:126-133, 2004.

Karst GM, Willett GM. Effects of specific exercise instructions on abdominal muscle activity during trunk curl exercises. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 34:4-12, 2004.

May WW, Morgan BM, Lemke JC, Karst GM, Stone HL. Model for ability-based assessment in physical therapy education. J Phys Ther Educ 9:3-6, 1995.

Karst GM, Willett GM. Onset timing of electromyographic activity in the vastus medialis oblique and vastus lateralis in subjects with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome. Phys Ther 75:813-823, 1995.

Karst GM, Hasan Z. Timing and magnitude of electromyographic activity for two-joint arm movements in different directions. J Neurophysiol 66:1594-1604, 1991.

Karst GM, Hasan Z. Initiation rules for planar, two joint arm movements: agonist selection for movements throughout the workspace. J Neurophysiol 66:1579-1593, 1991.

Karst GM, Hasan Z. Antagonist muscle activity during human forearm movements under varying kinematic and loading conditions. Exp Brain Res 67:391 401, 1987

Board Member, Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska,
Editorial Board Member, Physical Therapy, 2000 – 2009
Manuscript reviewer for more than a dozen journals

Honors and Awards:
Distinguished Scholar and Fellow, National Academies of Practice
Faculty Fellow, Rural Futures Institute, University of Nebraska
Fellow, Educational Leadership Institute, American Physical Therapy Association
University of Nebraska Medical Center Silver U Award
University-Wide Departmental Teaching, University of Nebraska
Golden Synapse Award, Neurology Section, American Physical Therapy Association
Outstanding Researcher Award, UNMC School of Allied Health Professions
Putnam Scholar, Kansas State University