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Early Career Faculty LINK: Leveraging Individual Faculty Networks (Project LINK)

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The path to a successful career as a Physical Therapy faculty member is full of challenges but it may be a little easier with a network of supporters. As a faculty member in PT education, you may be eligible to participate if at least 40-50% of your job includes teaching or service (including committee work, administration or clinical practice). The research study is called, Early Career Faculty LINK: Leveraging Individual Faculty Networks.

About Project LINK

This project is an important research study to find out more about supporting PT faculty in their first five years. This study is a unique opportunity to help us better understand the professional network of faculty and how it may relate to scholarly activity productivity. This information could be helpful so we can more effectively support new faculty.

The purpose of this mixed methods study is to explore early career faculty perceptions of their professional network as it relates to their scholarly agenda. It is called mixed methods because it includes both a survey and personal interviews. Other factors likely play a role in the professional network including the extent to which a faculty member can foresee advancement in their career, the actions required to make that happen as well as characteristics of the members in the network.

Learn more about your own network! Each participant in the study will receive a Personal Summary Report with a diagram of their professional network and progress with scholarly activity.

About Scholarly Activity

There are various types of scholarly activity. Each type can dynamically interact for a project.

Scholarship: discovery, integration, application, teaching

Scholarship categories: description and examples


For more information about the Study:
Betsy J. Becker, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA
Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor
Physical Therapy Education
College of Allied Health Professions
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Bennett Hall 3014
984420 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE  68918-4420

This project is funded by the College of Allied Health Professions and Division of Physical Therapy Education at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Education Section of the American Physical Therapy Association.