Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI )

ACL tears are often diagnosed using an MRI. In this study, MRIs will be used to assess the cartilage in the knee after ACL injury and surgery.

Biomechanical Analysis
Analysis of walking patterns will be completed in the Clinical Movement Analysis Biomechanics Lab on the UNMC campus. Small markers placed on skin will allow cameras to track movement patterns.

Physical Activity
An accelerometer will be worn to track the amount of daily physical activity. An accelerometer is a small device that is worn at the waist.

Knee Function
Measures of muscle strength, range of motion, swelling, and self-report of how the injured knee is functioning will be measured to provide further insight into factors that may influence cartilage changes after ACL injury.

Blood Draws
Blood will be drawn and used to provide information on the levels of inflammation and other indicators of cartilage changes after ACL injury.