Exercise Program

34 million Americans are at risk of developing osteopenia.


Exercise is planned, structured, repetitive body movement done to improve and maintain your physical fitness. Your bones respond to impact exercises by becoming stronger. There are two types of exercises that are important to keep bones healthy: weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercises.

In weight-bearing types of exercise, your body has to work against gravity while standing upright on your feet. This includes jogging, jumping rope, dancing, tennis, and aerobics. Muscle-strengthening (resistance training) exercises use resistance against gravity. This includes weight machines, yoga, and even your own body weight!

A membership to the YMCA or Kroc Center and supplements based on dietary intake of Calcium and Vitamin D blood levels will be provided at no cost to women who are randomly assigned to this group. In addition, a HOPS exercise specialist and exercise trainers at each facility will set up a personalized program, monitor progress, and provide assistance as needed.