Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the screening process take and where will I be screened?
The screening process will take 60-90 minutes. Your appointment will take place at the Creighton University Osteoporosis Research Center (ORC), at Immanuel hospital located just off I-680 and 72nd Street in Omaha.

I would like more information, but am not sure whether I am interested in participating in the screening process. What should I do?
If you would like more information about this research study, we encourage you to complete the “pre-screening”questionnaire by clicking on the red button (right side of the page) or call us at 402-559-6584 so that we can first determine if you are eligible. If you qualify to be screened for the study, we will provide more information about the screening process and our main study over the phone. You can use this information to make a decision about whether you are interested in the screening process. Whatever decision you make will be respected and you will not be contacted further about this study if you decide not to participate.

Will I be asked to pay for testing?
No. You will not be charged for the DXA scan you receive at your screening appointment. All study treatments and testing are billed directly toward the National Institutes of Health (NIH) research study grant for this University of Nebraska Medical Center study, thus you will not be asked to pay for anything. Additionally, you do not need medical insurance to participate.

How do I qualify for the Heartland Osteoporosis Prevention Study? 
At your scheduled screening appointment, you will receive a DXA scan which measures the amount of bone you have. If your scores show that you have low bone mass or “osteopenia,” you qualify to participate in the research study. If your scores show that you have normal bone density or if your scores show that you have osteoporosis, you do not qualify for HOPS and your involvement with the study will be complete following your appointment that day.

If I qualify for the Heartland Osteoporosis Prevention Study, am I obligated to participate?
No. Enrollment into the study is not automatic if you qualify. If you do qualify for the study, you will be asked to make the decision whether or not to enroll.