“Peak bone mass” typically reached between age 25-30


Risedronate is a Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved bisphosphate – a type of medication used for the prevention and treatment of post-menopausal osteopenia and osteoporosis. This prescription drug works by preventing resorption, or loss of bone. Our bones, like any other part of our bodies, are made of living tissue.  Old and damaged bone is constantly being replaced by new bone. This process is called bone “turnover” and consists of two processes:

  1. Resorption, the process during which bone cells called “osteoclasts” form cavities on the surface of our bones.
  2. Formation, the process during which bone cells called “osteoblasts” fill in these cavities with new bone. For much of our lives, the processes of resorption and formation work at an equal pace, but during menopause, resorption exceeds formation, resulting in bone loss for many women.    

A prescription of Risedronate plus Calcium and Vitamin D supplements based on dietary intake and blood levels will be provided at no cost to women who are randomly assigned to the this group. In addition, a 6-month membership voucher to the YMCA or Kroc Center will be issued to women following the completion of her 12-month enrollment in the study.