Screening Steps

Step 1: Answer the pre-screening questions online here or call the HOPS office at 402-559-6584 to speak with a member of the team to determine your eligibility.

Step 2: Qualified participants may schedule an appointment to complete a DXA scan. Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry is an enhanced form of x-ray technology that is used to measure bone loss. The scan is provided at no cost for women who participate in the screening process.

PLEASE NOTE: Steps 3-6 require a 60-90 minute commitment and are completed at a single appointment scheduled at the participant's convenience.

Step 3: The participant and a HOPS staff member will review the “screening consent form” in detail, and participant will be asked to sign the form to indicate consent. DXA and other screening tests will not occur until after consent has been obtained.

Step 4: Participant will have a DXA scan of their whole body.

Step 5: Following the DXA scan, screening participants will complete study questionnaires using an iPad.

Step 6: Review the results of the DXA scan. Women who have osteopenia (low bone mass) may continue with the screening process by agreeing to a blood draw to measure Vitamin D levels. Women who do not qualify will receive information and education materials on bone health to complete the last step of the screening process.

Step 7: A member of the HOPS team will contact the qualified participant to share blood test results and ask if she wishes to move forward with the screening process.

Step 8: A packet of results will be forwarded to the qualified participant’s primary care provider to request permission to enroll in the study.

Step 9: Once a signed permission letter is returned to the HOPS team and the participant chooses to enroll, an office visit will be scheduled. Random assignment to one of the three study groups (Calcium/Vitamin D, Exercise, or Risedronate) will be completed at this time.