Women Weigh-in for Wellness (WWW) study

What is the Women Weigh-in for Wellness Study?

This study, also called “Web-Based Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance Intervention for Older Rural Women”  was designed to compare the effectiveness of three (3) types of web-based interventions across three phases over a 30 month period to help rural women with overweight or obesity to achieve weight loss and weight maintenance.

Why is this important?

Rural women have high rates of overweight and obesity.  Overweight and obesity during midlife and older (ages 40-69) may place women at higher risk of developing chronic diseases and/or disability as they age.  
Rural women may lack access to preventive services and/or resources to help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  Web-based interventions may prove helpful for reaching a group of women interested in weight loss and weight maintenance.

Note: This study is completed.
ClinicalTrials.gov NCT01307664