Intervention Details

All three intervention groups [web-based only (WO), web-based with peer-led discussion (WD), and web-based with professional email (WE)] received had access to the same web-site that provided messaging as noted below; however, two groups were supplemented with either a peer-led discussion board or professional email counseling.  

Web-based Content (WO)

Messaging on the intervention web-site included general informative healthy eating and activity based on current evidence1,2, and information based upon constructs of the Health Promotion Model (Pender et al, 2006)3 including: benefits and barriers to, self-efficacy and interpersonal support for healthy eating and activity, and self-monitoring and goal setting. Web-based content was developed by the interprofessional team of investigators including nursing (CHP), physical therapy (PAH), and a dietitian (LSB) with assistance from the project coordinator (MO) who had extensive background and experience with healthy eating and activity messaging.

Details about the specific web content, including the relationship between content and the Health Promotion Model constructs by each phase are found here:

Web-based with Peer-led Discussion Board (WD)

Women who were randomly assigned to the WD group had access to the WO content above plus access to support from a peer-led discussion board which housed the following content. When women moved to the next intervention phase, they were no longer allowed to see prior discussion board posts.

Web-based with Professional Email Counseling (WE)

The professional email counselor was a registered dietitian, who delivered the emails using a generic University email account, and an anonymous identity.  Emails focused on women’s logging and goal setting on the web-site, in addition to content related to the web-site information for that given time point.


Assessments were completed by nurses who were blinded to women’s group assignments.  All assessments were conducted at Central Community College, Norfolk, NE, which was within 70 miles of the women’s homes.


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  2. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.  
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