Clinical Competency Confirmation

Clinical Competency Confirmation

The Competency Confirmation Program is unique in that it can be tailored to an individuals’ needs. 

The program is designed to:

1)     Assist perfusionists who have been absent from practice prepare for reentrance into the clinical arena
2)     Evaluate competency for employers
3)     Prepare perfusionists to sit for certification, i.e. master online testing (It’s not hard, just different)

We take the required elements of perfusion education dictated by CAAHEP and the AC-PE and address each in the six days of our online sessions.  

Our competency evaluation includes re-education (in our online Extracorporeal Technology Review and Perioperative Blood Management) program, our simulation series, summative assessments, online practice exams, and final competency exam.

The results legitimately "equate" to recent graduates from our traditional UNMC CPE program. 


Step 1)  Extracorporeal Technology Review - 6 days completed totally online.       

Step 2)  Perioperative Blood Management Course – 6 days completed totally online. 

Step 3)  Simulation Evaluation - the participant will then need to travel to Omaha for a 3-day one-on-one simulation evaluation. Participant will demonstrate, in a wet lab simulation, competency in 12 linear areas of perfusion performance including:         

Step 4)  Oral Summative Assessments. After completing the wet lab experience, participants are tested for oral competency in the following four summative didactic areas:CPB

Step 5)  Comprehensive Competency Examination - the final day of the simulation evaluation there is 4-hour comprehensive competency examination, which is a 220 question mock-board exam, the results of which outline the participants specific areas of weakness where they need improvement.

When not in online classes and simulations the participant would be practicing the online exams.

A certificate of completion will verify the "official" nature of the process and we will issue an official UNMC Clinical Perfusion Education “certificate of evaluation.” 

Most importantly, upon completion, the participant will feel confident in their preparation and performance. For further information, please contact David Holt, MA, CCT or staff 402-559-7227.