Online Test Preparation

Online Test Preparation

The testing platform we use at the UNMC Clinical Perfusion Education program will help you gain confidence and skill in your abilities as you prepare for your coming exams.

Our program will give you nine unique opportunities to take an on-line exam. Each exam will utilize a different data set, so you'll have unique questions associated with each test. The practice process will be good for you as will be thinking about the questions as they come to you.

Each exam has a different "time." At the end of the period, you are asked to end the exam, but it will NOT forcefully terminate you. You must end it in order to view your grades.

This course is offered for seven consecutive days of your choosing, which will need to be entered on the “Course Date” portion of the Registration Form.

If you have any technical problems with the process, feel free to e-mail David Holt or staff, and we'll do our best to help you.


Good luck...relax...take it as a learning experience...ENJOY the journey!