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In November of 2015, alumni representing each of the professions in the College of Allied Health Professions met and voted to form a single (all inclusive) CAHP Alumni Council, that will meet together approximately quarterly. The former “chapters” (CLS, PA, PT, RSTE) are committees within the larger single organization; these committees will remain profession specific and each will have a chair who will serve as the primary contact for that profession. Other committees may be developed as needed to conduct the business of the CAHP Alumni Council on behalf of all of the professions (e.g. Professionalism Ceremony, Reunion, etc.). It was also determined that the Council would be open to any alum who wished to participate and that each profession represented in the CAHP Alumni Engagement Council would hold two votes (regardless of number of participants from the given profession).

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the Council, please email or call 402-559-4385.

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MITS: Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences (formerly Radiation Science Technology Education)
MLS: Medical Laboratory Science (formerly Clinical Laboratory Science)
PA: Physician Assistant
PT: Physical Therapy
UNMC College of Allied Health Professions Group

2018-2019 Alumni Council Members

Tanya Custer MITS '95
Randy Wobig MITS '88
Ellie Miller MITS '10
Emily Bowman MITS '12
Tara Brandt MITS '09
Krystal Davis MLS '14
Linsey Donner MLS '04
Kevin McGuire MLS'11
Kris Geis MLS'97
Robbie Lane PA '01
Michelle DiBaise PA '90
Jill Selzle PA '05
Kate Kuester DPT '08
Michael Moravec DPT '04
Elliot Tapprich DPT '12
Lindy Anderson DPT '08
Samantha Minnick DPT '08
Brad Dexter DPT '11
Kelsi Lemon DPT '13
Nikaela Schroeder DPT '13
Rebecca Kraay Med. Nutrition '16, '17