Alumni Council

2021 - 2022 Alumni Council Members

Kevin McGuire MLS '11, HPTT '19

UNMCAA Board of Directors Representative
Lindy Anderson DPT '08

Board Members
Tanya Custer MITS '95
Sarah Sprinkle, Cytotechnology '16
Charlie King, Genetic Counseling '21
Robbie Lane PA '01
Sydney Brouillette PA '17
Jill Selzle PA '05
Michael Moravec DPT '04
Samantha Minnick DPT '08
Jacey Bahe DPT '09
Kyle Meyer, Dean, Ex-Officio Member

Student Representatives
Sarah Bierschbach, PT 2 Student
Allie Kingsley, PT 1 Student
Vicky Kinney, MRI Student
Michaela McClellen RT Student
Michael Gries, Radiography Student
Monica Meier, DMS Kearney Student
Madison Metheny, DMS Omaha Student

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the Council, please email or call 402-559-4385.